What is Horizon?

Next-generation solutions to lead you through your digital journey in an agile, secure, and reliable way. Always committed to delivering more value for less cost.


Why Horizon?

Horizon is a software company that focuses on management solutions to bring companies and people together. It is an integrated management platform that offers all of your company's departments a consolidated and shared view of the business.

From the beginning, we thought about building an application to better meet the needs of our customers. Embracing the differences and individualities of each Customer, we understand that each company has its specificities and changes are natural. It is based on this that Horizon positions itself as a partner to Customers in all phases of the digital transformation process.

Using Horizon's products, our company offers personalized experiences for its customers in addition to being able to manage its operation intelligently and flexibly. Our technology helps people to have a more human relationship with their jobs and their careers.

It is our values ​​that make Horizon a platform for change. We are always looking beyond the Horizon for innovations and more sustainable and reliable ways to serve our customers. Since 2018, we have been working tirelessly to transform the business world and facilitate relationships between companies and people.

In addition to all features that our platform has we are still prepared to carry out integrations with high-grade systems and companies.

Some examples of Horizon integrations:

Our Offerings

Extend the power of integrated management with innovative tools, apps and consulting. Horizon products provides the foundation for a more productive, reliable and agile approach. See how you can further advance and achieve all your business goals.

Horizon Business Framework

A complete application framework to address all your business needs and support your workflows.

Horizon Business Framework has all the technologies you need to achieve your goals, from integrations with legacy applications to configuring business processes.

Build with high-grade technologies using microservices;

Responsible with time to market approach with a highly configurable interface and fast delivery;

Committed to information security and data protection;

Customer Obsession as a Software Engineer concept;

Cloud-native app - SaaS;

Automate time-consuming tasks by creating custom workflows;

Horizon Services Consulting

A bunch of guys obsessed with delivering high-quality solutions, respecting the needs and differences of customers and businesses.

Horizon Services Consulting team have been working on the market lead companies on software development and customer experience. All this knowledge will be driving the decisions to create great solutions for your business.

Horizon Services Consulting

Content Packages

Simplify and increase your company's productivity. Deliver outstanding experiences and enhanced team engagement across all areas of your business. Here are some examples of the Content Packages can deliver to steer up focus and take your processes to the next level.


Horizon in a Nutshell

Learn how simple and effective the process can be to deliver value to your company. We focus on generating the best solution with quality and agility, realising a fast time to market resulting in quick wins for your business.

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